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the double spiderweb choker

the double spiderweb choker


pair or single?


although this choker is/looks pretty short, it’s easy to move around in and i don’t find it all that constraining. it’s attached to a pair of hook earrings that also have enough length to move your head around without it pulling.  it all comes together by a cute plastic spiderweb and a fancy little drop of (beautiful/iridescent gem) “blood”.

this piece might be a little *out there* but it’s REALLY pretty.  i think if you didn’t have a specific halloween costume/style, you could throw this on with whatever you’re wearing, and it’d be a splash of beautiful horror.

there is a clasp in the back for the choker (with an extension), but at its shortest, measures ~14.5″ and the earrings chain lengths from the web are 4″, but if you’d like any them a bit longer, just let me know.

these earrings:

  • are hypoallergenic!
  • are completely lightweight
  • come with small rubber backs, so they'll stay put!
  • are rad (duh)!!!


spiderweb, goth, weird, taboo, spooky, creepy, choker, chains, halloween

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