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the jack-o-lantern charm

the jack-o-lantern charm


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this listing is FOR THE CHARM(S) only.


grab one of these cute charms for this haunting season!

please be sure to use the drop down below to choose which beads you’d like with this choker.  if no choice is made, you’ll receive all black beads.

this charm is:

all of my charms:

  • are on rings large enough to be removed. you can mix and match with other chokers (or any necklace of your choice), but no choker will be included with this item.
  • are made to be sturdy, but are still handmade, so please be gentle.
  • are sold separately (if multiple charms).
  • are rad (duh)!!!


jack-o'-lantern, halloween, pumpkin, jack olantern, autumn, fall, spooky, 90's choker

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