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the magda dreamcatcher earrings

the magda dreamcatcher earrings



laser cut wooden medallions painted in the most gorgeous pastel pink, paired with a lavender hoop.

these are priced a tad less than the blue magda earrings, due to the medallions being slightly flawed.  because the pink is such a light shade, you can see some pencil lines where the cuts were made on one of the earrings.  on the other, the wood splintered in a tiny spot of the back side where a cut was made/pushed through.  the flaws are not noticeable unless you’re seriously inspecting, but i figured i’d knock off a couple of bucks for them.

these are:

  • 2.5" hoops.


dreamcatcher earrings, laser cut, folk art, central american, colorful, day of the dead, mexico inspired, pastel, earthy, boho

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