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FUCK #45 (charm) earrings

FUCK #45 (charm)

FUCK #45 (choker) earrings

FUCK #45 (choker)

lined eyes, thick thighs (magnet) earrings

lined eyes, thick thighs (magnet)

FUCK #45 (magnet) earrings

FUCK #45 (magnet)

native new yorker (magnet) earrings

native new yorker (magnet)

you're not that important (magnet) earrings

you're not that important (magnet)

you're so 2000 and late (magnet) earrings

you're so 2000 and late (magnet)

the sweet escape dreamcatcher earrings

the sweet escape dreamcatcher

plastic heart display earrings

plastic heart display

the blair dreamcatcher earrings

the blair dreamcatcher

black earring display earrings

black earring display

blue earring display earrings

blue earring display

the ellie dreamcatcher earrings

the ellie dreamcatcher

the neon summer dreamcatcher earrings

the neon summer dreamcatcher

the pizzazz dreamcatcher earrings

the pizzazz dreamcatcher

white earring display earrings

white earring display