beauty shit happened (hair)

May 27th, 2016 @ 10:27 pm

if you keep up with this blog, you’ll slowly get to know that i don’t really focus on my outward personal appearance.  i don’t mean that i’m like, super hairy cave woman or don’t brush my hair or teeth or anything… i just mean it’s not super important for me to get my hair did on a monthly basis, a weekly mani/pedi, or even put on makeup, really.  don’t get me wrong, sometimes i find a lot of that stuff interesting, and i even partake in eye and lip makeup, but that’s about it.  i’m pretty much an overgrown tomboy.  i think i maaaaaaaybe get 1/2 haircuts or trims per year on average.

on sunday, i went for a haircut at the ulta near my apartment.  i wasn’t super hesitant, because i actually prefer a supercuts haircut over expensive salon haircuts anyhow (stylists never listen to me or understand my massive curly mane).  in fact, originally, supercuts was what i was yelping when i discovered that ulta even had a salon.  i must have walked by it like 9739739837 times!  anyways, while i was going through the yelp pictures, someone screen shot one of the stylist’s instagram accounts, so i looked her up and i couldn’t believe what i was seeing.  i was soooo impressed by their colour skills and their blowouts were gorgeous.

i didn’t end up with the girl who i was looking up via instagram, but i was still very happy with who i booked with.  she listened to everything that i had to say/explain and she did an amazing job.  i paid for a cut, a deep conditioning treatment and a blowout, all for just $47.

if you’re interested, i suggest you do some online lurking/researching your local ulta, and give it a whirl.

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