thank you, #JAEJESS

May 27th, 2016 @ 1:19 am

it’s hard to, but i’m saying goodbye to my first brand, and starting fresh with this one…

#JAEJESS was a collabo between my friend jae and i that started a few years ago.  we both started creating jewelry at the same time, so we started up our site/company together.  we did a few pop-up shops, and then it was just me after a while.  i loved being part of something with a friend, but i kind of need to stop explaining that it’s just me now.  so i figured it was a good time to refresh and renew.

running #JAEJESS was a good stepping stone into my own brand.  i have a better knowledge of how i want to run it, and where i want to go with it, or just what it is in general… UNRULED.

i don’t have aspirations of becoming a professional jewelry designer, this is just a fruitful hobby.  i have fun doing this, it relaxes me, my friends and family like what i create for them…  i never want to take it too seriously, which is why i went with this name.  no rules, just good vibes and cute stuff for the masses.

thanks for checking out the site, if this is the first time you’re seeing my shop… and thank you for ongoing support if you were a #JAEJESS customer.  i always appreciate the love!

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