damn you, ali payami!!!

June 13th, 2016 @ 11:20 am

i’m not a fan of taylor swift… on any level, really.  i appreciate what she does for fans, but that’s about it…  i’ve never fully listened to a taylor swift song.  i unfortunately have heard the majority of songs via walking into a store, or my sister was playing it in the car or something… but i’ve never gone out of my way to listen to anything by her willingly.  in fact, i fight tooth and nail to have it shut off whenever my boyfriend has it on in the car, so this post is hard for me.  in fact, in pains me to admit this.

i had dark/creepy music stuck in my head over the weekend and i couldn’t figure out what the shit it was, so i started googling the lyrics i knew in my head from it.  it turns out, it’s “style” by taylor swift. 🙁

i found a version that had no lyrics in it, and it was wonderful… but i listened to the regular version of it as well, and liked the song aside from the chorus.  according to wikipedia, ali payami is the composer that wrote it for himself and after she heard it, she wanted to collaborate with him on it.  i looked up his other work and he’s mostly written stuff for pop artists, and even for the weeknd.  i like the weeknd, but i’ve never bothered to really seek out his music, and now i probably will.  i’m going to also research and listen to whatever i can by this ali payami dude, because i have a feeling i’ll like whatever he does if it’s in the same vein as the style of “style”.

as well as she did with it, i’d love to hear someone else do something with this piece of music (hence this blog title).


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