i can’t wait to hear you scream

June 19th, 2016 @ 1:36 pm

aside from waiting mid-month for the new season of OITNB, i was really conflicted at the beginning of this month as to what i should watch next on netflix.  i stared at my queue like a zombie, while trying to figure out what type of show mood i want to get into.  do i want something from the 90’s, do i want a comedy, do i want something thrillerish, fantasy, etc?  EH.  nothing was jumping out at me.

i was trying to watch the x-files for a couple of months, and i’m up to season 4 (i think), but i’m not fully into in it (i know… blasphemy).  i don’t know if i’m just not in the mood for it, or if it’s just kinda bleh…  but it falls into the category of one of those cult following shows that i usually do apply to (ie: twin peaks, my so called life, freaks and geeks).

my boyfriend and i started rewatching “curb your enthusiasm”, but then he had to fly off to another state for work, so it’s on hold.  i quickly finished the latest available season of “pretty little liars”, and after uninspiredly staring at my netflix list for too long, i went with something recommended to me, rather than a bookmarked show in my queue.  i was given the option to watch MTV’s “scream”, and although i hesitated, i caved.  i also don’t hate it…  oof.

luckily, it’s nothing like the movie(s), which was also refreshing, since everything remade is never as good as the original.  do note: the creator of the show WAS the writer of the scream movies, and also created dawson’s creek, teaching mrs. tingle, i know what you did last summer, the faculty, etc – so the vibes are of that nature.  after finding that out, i had more faith in the show, and was pleased.

a brief rundown w/o giving too much away:

a cute lil town, full of teenagers (of course), and new murders start to happen.  the killer does indeed have a mask, but it’s not the same ol scream mask that you’re used to seeing.  this mask belong(ed/s?) to one, brandon james, a severely disfigured teenage killer from 20 years ago (who was thought to have been shot dead by the police).  ffwd to present day when deaths start happening, and weird text messages, videos, phone calls, etc keep coming through from a killer, are tied to the new deaths.  no one knows who it is yet.

so yeah, if you’re stuck on looking for something new to watch, and you’re into horror-y type of shows, go for it.

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