misruled, unruled, whatever.

June 8th, 2016 @ 11:54 pm

when i first started thinking of detaching myself from #JAEJESS, i had trouble thinking of a name.  i was super stuck on wanting something short and sweet, and easy to remember.  i thought of this one while i was in the shower, inspired by one of my favorite LUSH product’s label…


lord of misrule.

i tried to purchase first, but alas, it was already taken.  i figured unruled was the next best adjective, and honestly, it fits better.

i don’t want to ever pigeonhole myself into only doing one thing, whether it be what type of product i sell, the style of things i design, i don’t give a rats behind about general trends or seasonal trends, who else sells on the site with me, etc., so this seemed quite fitting.

so yeah, that’s how this site got its name.

in case you’re interested, official info for lord of misrule can be found here.  i’m pretty sure that it’s seasonal, so it’s probably not available at the moment.  from what i’ve seen, it only comes in shower cream and bath bomb form…  it’s patchouli and black pepper scented, and i’m sure that sounds like a very odd combo, but it’s seriously heavenly.

also: i usually LOATHE the smell of patchouli, but i love this stuff.  my mother has always worn straight up patchouli oil, and i can’t stand it, so i don’t understand why i don’t mind this.

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