why do i do this to myself?

June 21st, 2016 @ 1:31 pm

in hopes of trying to steadily post stuff on this blog, i made a “this week” graphic when i started up this site.  i never adhere to themed blog posts, why do i ever bother?

…i just wanted to let you know that nothing amazing has really happened since the last one.  nothing revolutionary or out of the ordinary, anyway (aside from all of the new chokers i’ve been making, duh).

NYC has been too damn hot to do anything…

i did dye my hair a fuchsia colour recently, actually…  i hate how the colour comes out straight from the jar (it’s waaaaay too much on the pink side), so i mixed it with some purple to change it up.  i’m really living on the edge here… lol.

oh wait, i did go see taking back sunday @ jones beach with my amiga on saturday…

lesson learned: jones beach still sucks for shows, and nobody should ever go there for concerts.  you can’t drink at your seat, there’s usually never a pit – and when there’s room for one, it sucks (long island show kids are *the worst*), the set lists are too quick and they keep putting the “better in the dark band” on during hours where the sun is still up.

also: the weirdos out there wear the shirts of the band they’re going to see.  you can’t trust these people.

on a positive note, though:

i will say, this warmed my heart a little when he said this at the show (and then i quoted this from newsday):

“singer adam lazzara nailed the reason so much of the crowd was celebrating along with taking back sunday, roaring approval from the opening chords of “cute without the ‘e’,” and where the band plans to go with that.  “i understand that part of the reason you came out is for nostalgia purposes,” lazzara said to a sea of pumped fists, adding that the band understood they were the soundtrack for the celebrations of college acceptance letters and driver’s license certifications. “we are growing together.”

sure nostalgia, but they still are just so fucking good…  not everyone outgrows their favorite music/scenes.  i was a little older than those kids, so it wasn’t college letters/licenses for me, but that album and “where you want to be” are definitely is GLUED to my sister, certain life experiences/friends and ex-boyfriends.  i still can’t listen to this song and not cry.

i think that tbs was a breath of fresh air on long island and in that type of scene back then.  it had such an impact that way, that it forever attached itself to our lives.

we love you.

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