wtf universe?

June 21st, 2016 @ 10:59 am

remember how i just posted about the tv show “scream” two days ago?  well there was an episode that i watched last night that had two songs i just *HAAAAD* to shazam, and one of them came through instantly, but the other one was being a royal pain and not coming up at all.  i had to google that one, and found it from a “scream” music episode guide site.  that pain in the arse song, was from a band from brooklyn named “brain tan“, that is seemingly non-existent anymore…  the song that i was trying to find from the show was called “one summer”, but googling about them more led me to their facebook page and ultimately led me to a bandcamp page, and lastly, a soundcloud page.

as if i weren’t weirded out enough last week enjoying the t.swift song “style”, i found a cover of it on their soundcloud page, lol.  it came back around this week in another form…  unbelievable.  this song is haunting me.

[ listen to it here ]

in my last post, i did say “as well as she did with it, i’d love to hear someone else do something with this piece of music”.

ask and ye shall receive…
thank you, universe. ♥

PS: brain tanning is something gross, i suppose they could have chosen a better name…  blegh.  if you decide to look it up, this is a forewarning that it’s got to do with dead animal hide, and being in the sun. 🙁

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