June 16th, 2016 @ 12:31 pm

the death of myspace lead me to a sad, horrible place… a white and blue shithause named “facebook”.  the romance of that account was a short-lived trist, so i decided to fully commit myself to a then barren twitter.  this paid off, bc luckily, it eventually caught on.  then one wondrous day in october of 2010, instagram was born.

for me, it was confusing at first.  i didn’t know what to do with the app…  without (m)any followers, the app seemed really pointless to me, and barely anyone i knew was on it.  i think it even sat around on my phone for a while before i actually used it my first post was taken on november 16th, 2010.

heart_socksonce it started picking up, it was wonderful.  it’s foundation was simple…  you took an actual picture with your phone, you applied a filter (#RIPGOTHAM), and *BOOM* it was on your account.

when i first started using instagram, it was still iphone only.  it wasn’t filled with pictures of quotes/words, there were no spammy ads, seldom selfies, and there were actual pictures.  a lot of that changed once the app was released to android.  sorry, but it’s true.  the inspirational quotes starting rolling in, memes, ppl selling protein shakes, etc. – awful.  the people that followed me pre-android release actually liked my pictures and commented on them on a regular basis.  i met a lot of friends via instagram because of this.  now, it’s few and far between.  i’ve seen my friends just go through miles of timeline in their app without double tapping ANYTHING AT ALL.  i’m like ……….. ???

apparently “Instagram’s entire reason for adopting this change is their finding that users miss, on average, 70% of all content on their feed.” – what that’s based on, who knows?  i mean there are a lot of potential reasons that could happen…  are friends in different time zones?  did these people that were polled not scroll all the way through their timeline?  are the numbers not there BECAUSE EVERYONE IS WEIRD AND DOESN’T DOUBLE TAP ANYTHING ANYMORE???! (most likely).

there have always been certain things that aggravate me about IG,…  mostly the fact that people can see your activity and what you’re doing.  i’ve always found that super invasive and i feel like it makes people purposely not like things because of it.  i’ve always thought there should be an option to turn that off by individual user.  also: the way the app/site archives things – aka there is no way, lol.  why couldn’t they just steal a page from tumblr and go by month/year?  sheesh.

this morning, i looked at the actual site (which is AWFUL to begin with – being that it’s a single column timeline, just like in the app), and i saw 2 new posts and 1 post that my sister posted before bed last night as the 3rd.  it reminded me of that god awful algorithm that twitter uses (which you can thankfully opt out of) where they decide what you see.  i refreshed, but it still didn’t restore itself back to chronological order.  apparently, this is the new instagram.

when everyone was freaking out hardcore about turning on notifications, we were all like:


but now it’s biting us in the ass, because i’m sure as shit not going through all 665 ppl that i follow to turn on notifications.  that’s ridiculous…  so i’m boycotting until things change.

if nothing changes, well then, it was a fun ride pre-android, and before stupid shitface facebook bought them out and ruined them.


if you know of any other apps that are in the vein of IG, let me know!  i barely use social media as it is, so losing instagram sucks.  i do have an ello account, but i haven’t used it yet.


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