charms! charms! charms!

July 13th, 2016 @ 11:49 am

so as of recently, i’ve been making chokers like a madwoman.  since wearing a bunch myself (and switching out the charms pretty often), and with orders started coming in, i realized a few things.  people are ordering chokers mainly for the charm, but if they already had the choker, or ordered multiple in one order, they could potentially be stuck with like, 5 of the same black choker.  i figured i’d make your lives easier (and cheaper!) by just making listings for everything separate.  so now you can buy any or one of each choker if you wanted to, and i’ve listed a bunch of charms with rings large enough to slip off/onto other chokers.  moving forward, it’ll save y’all money as well.

as my companies have evolved, it’s always a learning process, and i look for any way to save you guys money and hook you up.

quite often, feedback i get from my customers is that my inventory variety is overwhelming, and they don’t know where to start because there’s so much they want, lol.  so i took that into consideration when making this charms section.  they’re all a dollar cheaper this way, so the savings will add up.

if there’s a charm from the site that you want that isn’t listed in the charms section, you can contact me directly, and i can make it happen.  i only listed the charms that are easily replicable or that i have a larger inventory of.

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