July 26th, 2016 @ 1:01 pm

i hate to be the party pooper, or the *elitist* subculture defender, or even a bully… but labeling a dyed hair method/process is as annoying as normal people trying to be “edgy” by doing it.

each time regular ladies hashtag or claim their hair is “mermaid hair”, i die a little inside.  mainly because it’s directly linked to normie poser people dying their hair “rainbow colours” for misplaced “confidence” (like, go buy a neon cardigan if you need to *stand out* eyeroll-emoji), mainly because it’s actually just wrong.  yep, mermaids have natural hair colours, i hate to break it to the basic betches.

not vintage mermaids, nor generic mermaids, NOR DO ARIEL OR HER SISTERS have unnatural hair colours…


going back to my subculture… i have never had a discussion with my punk friends that entailed us referring to each other as “punks”.  i guess it’s just an unspoken thing… we listen to punk, we dress like punks, we dye our hair, we tattoo and pierce ourselves and we go to shows… we’re punks.  i mean, to jocks sit around talking about how they’re specifically jocks?  probably not.

even as a raver, metal/alt/goth or punk chick, my friends and i have never outright called dying our hair a labeled thing such as: rainbow hair, galaxy hair, unicorn hair, oil slick hair OR MERMAID HAIR…  i’m even tempted to text my friend suzie that used to rock a full/high mohawk how she feels about the term(s).

i’m only half joking when i say that these girls (skins, crust/street punks) would probably beat up a girl calling her hair “mermaid hair”.

chelsea chelsea-2 punkchicks street-punk

stop calling it that.  i gave you hard evidence as to why you are wrong.  you are trying too hard…
and P.S., mermaids aren’t even real.







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