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August 16th, 2016 @ 3:14 pm

it’s kinda funny how stars seem to align for me sometimes…  this time it was celebrity drama, a makeup brand under fire, a horror punk band and a jewelry designer…  WAT?

unless you’re a youngin’ or living under a rock, as a viewer of this particular brand of jewelry, you probably might know who jeffree star is.  aside from just remembering him from myspace days, jeffree star makes gorgeous makeup, so he pops up into beauty blogs that i follow here and there.  last week(ish?) jeffree star and kat von d got into a social media fight and he popped back into my daily reads.  i honestly don’t care about that, nor am i touching on it.  i just think it’s kind of funny how he’s been popping up out of nowhere recently, at the same time that i’ve been heavily revisiting my love for tarina tarantino AND having AFI on repeat.

it’s like stars aligned.


back in the mid 2000’s, i became obsessed with tarina tarantino (she’s one of my biggest inspirations) and i started buying pieces from her collections.  one line in particular (one of my favorites) was tokyo hardcore.  heavy neons/plastic baubles/gold & silver white white and PVC, etc.  – right up my alley.  anyways, at some point with one of my purchases, i received a catalog/look book for tokyo hardcore and who was featured in it??? mr. jeffree star AND davey havok (of the ~horror punk band AFI… that band, aforementioned, that’s been on repeat for me as of lately).

[ watch a video of the look book here. ]


davey and band draped in tokyo hardcore pieces.

i haven’t habitually listened to AFI in about 5+ years.  ♥ i listened to them SO MUCH that i couldn’t listen to them anymore. ♥  sometimes i just need a break from my favorite bands, but i’ve been on a big ol punk kick as of recently.  horror punk, 70’s british punk, the ramones, samhain, etc.  so i added some AFI back into my daily shuffle, and they’ve been bringing me life…  i missed them.

i bought some jumbo heart beads back in february, and i wasn’t really sure what i wanted to do with them.  bag candy, earrings…etc???  i settled on these earrings.  although strangely hard to admit, i’m not IN LOVE with them like some other stuff that i’ve made, but i try to design stuff for all demographics, not just my own.  so i branched out into *fancy* for those earrings.

over the weekend, i ended up making these carnival-inspired earrings on a whim that SCREAM tarina (to me, anyways):


these babies aren’t in the shop yet, but are set to debut at the kings trading market next month – info here.

so yeah, 4 different interests from different eras in my life just crashed into each other in 2016.  🙂

too weird. ♥

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