save the date!

August 1st, 2016 @ 11:28 pm

ohhhhhhhhh heck yes!  UNRULEDclub just scored itself a spot in its first (flea-ish) market, and a rad one at that…  i haven’t dabbled in too many NYC tattoo shops for work, as i usually collect tattoos when i’m on the road, for memories.  when i am home getting work done, the first place i think to go, and usually where i refer to anyone and everyone who asks where i get tattoos done in NYC, is THREE KINGS TATTOOthree kings has now opened up a space and will be hosting the first of many markets on sept. 3rd and 4th 24th/25th, and i shall be there both days!

i’ll have more info in the next coming weeks, but if you’re not going away for labor day weekend, you should try to stop by…  i always have sales when i sell in real life, you can browse market-only inventory i haven’t put up on the site, aaaaaand you get to meet this charming gal.

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  1. UNRULEDclub | meant to beeeeeness Says:

    […] these babies aren’t in the shop yet, but are set to debut at the kings trading market next month – info here. […]

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