September 9th, 2016 @ 10:11 am

sorry, i’ve been a bit off the grid lately, but it’s for a good reason!  i’m gearing up for this kings trading market that i’m doing in a couple of weeks.

i got my new business cards done, working on my new jewelry display, and i made a shit ton of new stuff made – all new chokers charms // mature and not-so-subtle, autumn and halloween themed stuff, new dreamcatcher and dangle earrings and i even made stuff sized for lil kiddos!

widecharms woodland plasticwords queens run sneakers

it’s all debuting there.  i’ll have all of the leftovers on the site by october 1st, i’m sure.  i do think if you want to check out the samples, you should swing by!  i can’t guarantee that everything will be added to the inventory here…

i’ve previously posted about the who/what/when/where, but tl;dr:

sept 24th & 25th // 12PM-8PM
754 manhattan ave in greenpoint, BK

i’ll be all setup and vending with my amazing friend teena, so swing by and say hi! 😉



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