and last week, too!

October 3rd, 2016 @ 2:07 pm

so all i really did this week that was NEW was buy the roshe run 2’s this week…

my verdict?  COMFY AS HELL.  i say…  GO BUY THEM.

the insole is amazingly cushy and way more comfy than the past roshe’s i’ve owned.  i got them black on blacks, but i’ve seen a few great colorways.

otherwise, i’m recovering from being mind-numbingly busy for two straight weeks.  trying to be bored, so i can reset my brain.

speaking of busy, i’d like to thank everyone that came out to and shopped at kings trading co last weekend, and a MASSIVE thank you to the staff as well.  it was so awesome working with easy to get along with chicas (shouts to jill and taylor!).

there were really great vendors there, with beautiful products, that were super sweet.  i love doing markets and meeting new vendors…  i even found a fellow rad chick from queens!

i’m not planned to head back on that market anytime soon, but you should go check out that market.  they’re there every weekend from 12PM-7PM.

all i’m going to be working on for the next few weeks is getting selected, new, leftover inventory onto the site.  there are many new pieces in all different types of styles…  so check back daily or weekly!

also: the ladies love project’s next holiday market is coming up next month!!!  i’ll be there for the saturday market, and i’ll post the flyer as soon as it’s available!

website update

LASTLY: i got super nerdy and coded up “related product” tags to all items.  you can find the tags under the “add to cart” button.  this way, if you’re looking for something specific, you can find it easier.

for example: i’ve added several tags to this listing for this autumn leaves choker:

the autumn leaves necklace

(#autumn #charms #choker #earthy #fall #laser cut #leaves #wood)

if you click “#leaves“, it’ll show you every product in the entire shop that has leaves! 🙂

…i’m always trying to find ways to make your shopping life easier and more convenient!

happy shopping!

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