adios 2016, you horrible beastly bitch…

December 27th, 2016 @ 11:56 am

i’ve been on this earth for 35 years… and i have to say… i’ve had good years, and i’ve had bad years.  personally, i had an uncontrollably horrible end of 2015 for many reasons, so i was praying 2016 couldn’t get any worse…

and it didn’t. *~*~*~

(well, aside from this country handing itself over to a human, spicy cheeto with a comb over for president ::cringe::)

i feel like life was pretty stagnant for an entire year.  aside from many depressing celebrity deaths that actually affected me, nothing horrible, nor great occurred.  i think i went to less than 5 shows (that’s really fucking WEIRD for me), i couldn’t responsibly afford to go to any regular season ranger games, i didn’t travel as often as i have in the last 2 years, and i didn’t get any new tattoos.  just, WAT?

this year felt like some sort of strange, hazy purgatory until towards the end…  i paid off outstanding debts, spent more time with an old friend this year, reconnected with an estranged 2015 friend, drove cross country with my sister, went to a couple of shows, reconnected with a really old friend, did more markets in one season than i ever did before and made new friends/connects and *duh* i created UNRULEDclub.  so as horrible as it started off, it didn’t end too badly.

i hope the new year rings in some good vibes for all of us.  this year is the year of the rooster, and i was born in the year of the rooster, so i’m hoping that’ll bring good luck/fortune.

i had a great first year with UNRULEDclub, and i hope next year will be even greater.

i’d like to thank everyone who purchased anything from me this year, showed up at my pop-up shops, spread the word about my shop or supported me in any way.  you are amazing, and you keep me going.

♥ ♥ ♥ thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥

happy holidays and happy new year!

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