March 22nd, 2017 @ 6:34 pm

sooooooo!  i started replenishing my physical stash of missbehave mags…  it’ll probably be a bitch to replace them all, but i’m gonna try my hardest.  i have to do this now, because i cut up all of mine back in the day, alongside my ex’s mass appeal and beautiful decay mags for collaging purposes (don’t worry – he gave me the okay, i didn’t just steal them).  after going through all of the old goodness, it’s insane how much i really am inspired years later by all of those products/brands.  music at the time as amazing, and the internet wasn’t as domineering as it is today, which made a lot of room for indie brands.  myspace was dominant when missbehave first launched, and i was still working on my contact tables on a daily basis.  inspiration seemed to be pouring out of almost every nook and cranny of life at the time…  i really miss that.  2005-2010 were pretty cool creative years for me.

going through the pages of missbehave was inspiring and kind of depressing.  it makes me miss how much simpler times were back then, and it wasn’t even that long ago!  the internet wasn’t as big as it is now, and it seems so much better back then.  at least the behavior of people was a little better.  i don’t even feel like it’s nostalgia talking, things really have changed, and too quickly.

well, what’s wrong with today?

i feel like there are too many people/blogs/influencers out there now that it just makes everything seem ungenuine.  now it’s just copy and paste shit from other places all day long…  i come from coming of age that left us seeking, not having trending shit shoved in your face.  sure, we had our mags that featured things, but you got one a month… not one per day where you have to shove as much content as possible.  it’s so weird to me that this is how things are now, and what’s worse is that so many people *cough millennials cough* are conditioned to expect information this way.

OK, let me stop…

i can get into an “I HATE THE INTERNET IN THE 20TEENS” rant pretty quickly, and that’s not the point of this article.  it also makes me sound like a crazy/old “GET OFF MY LAWN” type (which i am, but i really did just want to talk about the lack of actual cool indie designers that we pretty much lack nowadays, or just can’t seem to find because of the over saturation of everything).

although missbehave had a website alongside the mag, that didn’t last long even after the printing stopped.  i remember them getting super frustrated that people started to REALLY suck at interaction.  how are they supposed to survive if no one even bothers?  i mean, i’m guilty of it as well, BUT it was because i really never used the website back then.  i was strictly printly.  the most interaction i see online from the sites that i read on the daily *NOW* is youtube, buzzfeed and gothamist.  some blogs don’t even have the ability to comment!  how ridiculous/sad is it when you don’t even enable interaction…?

missbehave threw parties…

can you imagine?  that was a thing back in the day –  blogs and mags would throw actual parties, where people could meet up and hang out.  HANG OUT… IRL!

does anyone do that now?

serious question.

anyways, i can’t help but get super pissed that a) missbehave doesn’t exist anymore and b) the majority of the featured brands in the mag don’t really exist anymore.  i googled like 10 brands yesterday that were featured in the issues but are all but long forgotten.  they flourished when they existed, but where are they now?  why did they all cease?  cubannie links for instance, she was accessorizing celebrities!  what happened?!

i do my thing with ladies love project mostly every year, and it seems like people are getting lazier and lazier when it comes time to supporting us small brands.  it makes me feel so deflated.  i live for the pop-up shops where i get to  hang out/meet people and sell my extra stuff i don’t load onto this site, but it’s a dwindling thing now…  and that makes us creative seller folk sad.

wait, what was the point of this post…?

i don’t even know anymore, but this is something i preach on a regular basis.  get the fuck off of your phone, go support indie brands/small businesses and creative people that are making cool shit.

worry more about what makes YOU look/feel good rather than what a stupid website in a 6″x3.5″ box in your hand is telling you to wear/look like.  i think people aren’t finding things themselves anymore, and that really takes a lot of fun out of life.

participate and meet people instead of sitting around watching netflix all weekend… and for satan’s sake, go do something charitable!

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