i blame the internet (mainly facebook) for everything

March 27th, 2018 @ 12:50 pm

sara posted this article earlier today on le tweet tweet about counterfeit turds that rip off her art/products.  i read through the entire article, and these lines at the end really stood out for me: “arguably, however, the bigger fight is the one against consumer ignorance.”  and “google before you buy”. it made me think of this post i’d written (OMG i’m sorry i’m so lazy) almost a year ago – citing how no one bothers to cite where things originate anymore.

the internet is seriously THE FUCKING WORST now.  it’s no longer a place where people search for knowledge and roots of things.  information is shoved down your throat, every market you can buy from is over-saturated and everyone is ripping everyone else off.  basic girls and general people don’t think to google anything, they just see it on urban outfitters website and think it’s the coolest fucking thing in the world (UO is one of THE WORST offenders of ripping people off, by the way)… but good luck telling becky with the mermaid hair, wearing puma creepers that UO is doing any wrong or to google before she buys anything.

i know this sounds very tinfoil-hatty, but it’s honestly a scary and shitty time to live in this internet age.  everyone is getting dumber, it’s killing stores and jobs, there are new ways of bullying people which actually lead to people committing suicide, catfishing is an actual thing, online stalking is no joke (i dealt with this IRL – people are I-N-S-A-N-E and may not even realize it – or worse – not even care).  it’s all so bad.  we’ve abused it so horribly.

i blame facebook for how most of this internet evolved into this shit show.  as soon as it came out, everyone started getting molded into even bigger morons than we actually were before.  whenever i get on people’s cases about fb being the devil, i would say about 90% of the time, i get the following responses: “i just use it for this one group”, “it’s no big deal”, or “it’s easier to keep in touch with everyone”/”it’s easier to make plans with everyone”.  soooooo going back to consumer ignorance – it’s just people ignorance.  at the very core foundation, no one knows how to internet anymore, so why would they think to google anything before they buy it?  they’re all conditioned to just grab it.

anyways, i don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just comprehend that even if you’re on the fucking stupid machine FOR ONE THING, you’re still giving it power.  the saddest part about all of this is, out of that 90% of people i know still using it, they usually all say they hate it.  when is everyone going to jump ship? lol i don’t get it.  FUCK facebook.  stop giving them power – let’s hope the next generation doesn’t turn into this self-absorbed, ignorant, trend-following set of monsters.

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