oh hai, i’m still alive!

August 27th, 2019 @ 4:31 pm

I KNOW… i know.  it’s been a hot min since i’ve updated this seemingly useless blog.

my appy polly loggys!

anyways, i featured wu-tang wu-catchers in this blog post, because it’s a good selling item, and because if you didn’t know they existed, now you do.

when i first started this brand (back when it was still #JAEJESS), i began making dreamcatcher earrings. back before dumb instagram had an algorithm and before i had to make my account private, i used to meet rad chicks and sell a few pairs per week.  it was nice.  i really. miss them times… it seems like it wasn’t overly saturated at that point in time.

anyways, i miss making them – so i wanted to feature them.

i can make them any colors you want and i have a bunch of cool pins to choose from.

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