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roseland ballroom necklace

roseland ballroom necklace


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#RIProseland // one of my faaaaaaaavorite places in NYC is gone now, but we can still celebrate it with this rad necklace!

please note: these are printed on white shrinky dink paper, and sometimes they get a little bit wavy in the oven… nothing major, i just wanted to make note of it.  i edited the entire thing myself in photoshop.  i hope if you stumbled upon this, that it makes you as happy as it makes me! :)

i made a large version (3.5″x2″) and a smaller version (2.5″x1.5″).  this necklace is also made of a very lightweight plastic.

please use the drop downs below to let me know what length chains you’d like on either side of the charm, which type of chain you’d prefer, and which size charm (please see the picture for the two variations).

this necklace is:

  • hypoallergenic!
  • rad (duh)!!!


roseland ballroom necklace, 239 w 52st

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