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FYI: this is paying homage to punks.  the UK punks started it, and then all the street punks followed suit, and it carried over from the 1970’s until today.

okay, okay, so us punks usually do it with an actual padlock with either a dog chain, an upcycled wallet chain, or whatever super cheap thing we can get their hands on… but fuck it, i made it cute.  we do what we want… NO RULES.

THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE CHOKER ONLY.  please be sure to choose which colour heart you’d like with the drop down below, or else you’ll receive a hot pink heart by default.

this choker/necklace:

  • is sturdy, but it's still handmade, so please be gentle.
  • to the best of my knowledge, all jewelry findings/components and hardware i buy are hypoallergenic and nickle free, but some supplies sometimes contain materials sensitive to allergies (plastics, acrylic, hematite, metals, paint, glues, sealer, clay, etc. - please contact me with any questions before purchase if you have specific sensitivities).
  • completely lightweight
  • rad!!! (duh)


* please be sure use the drop down to choose which size choker/chain you'd like. default is set to 13" without an extender (please use the drop down to state if you'd like one).


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