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missbehave magazine earrings

missbehave magazine earrings



so if you missed this post, read it now…  i REFUSE to cut my issues up like i did the first round that i had them in life,  but some parts can be worked with (aka subscription postcards, lmao).  if you were a fan of missbehave, that’s an instantly recognizable and classic pic…  you’re welcome.

these earrings have been created on recycled cardboard. :)

these are like two pairs of earrings in one!  each earring comes with both sides shown in the picture, so switch the ear and you basically have a new pair of earrings!

please note: the patterns on the earrings you receive may differ slightly from image, as they are cut off of different parts of a printed, tiled pattern.

these ♥ RECYCLED! ♥ earrings are:

  • 2.5" long
  • hypoallergenic!
  • reversible! switch to the other ear, and they're a whole new pair of earrings!
  • completely lightweight
  • come with small rubber backs, so they'll stay put!
  • are rad (duh)!!!


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