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this house runs on (cool stuff and...) the new york rangers

this house runs on (cool stuff and...) the new york rangers



please read carefully…

i can customize or remove any of the “ingredients”, and i can easily change the team.

if you’d like to change anything on it, please contact me first so that i can send you a design draft to approve BEFORE you purchase anything.  this is to avoid a refund if you don’t like how it looks.  i’ve attached samples of other teams so that you can see how the layout changes with different text (ie: the minnesota wild had to be centered because there weren’t many letters).

PLEASE NOTE: these are printed on an ink jet printer on regular/standard US printer paper...  please don’t expect anything extravagant or fancy aka cardstock, silkscreen, letterpress, stamped, hand-drawn, on canvas, etc.  i’m a punk rock chick that likes hockey, and likes cheap art.  this works for me in my home, i posted a picture of it in my old living room (the main picture here) and it blew up on my instagram.  many people like them and are completely happy with it just the way it is.

the image and frame are 8.5×11 and the frame may vary, but will always be black and never gaudy.  if you’d like to purchase a digital version of this to print on whatever type of paper you’d like and frame it yourself, you can do that also.  please just contact me directly (that’s only $5).

lastly… i pack these things SOLIDLY, in only the finest of chunky bubble wrap, in a sturdy USPS shipping box… if it ends up broken at your door, i can guarantee that it’s the fault of the sloppy USPS, not mine.  i’d be willing to replace it for you, though!

if that DOES happen, please just contact me right away.  after you send me pictures of the broken to hell one, i’ll send you a new one ASAP.  this has only happened like, twice, since i started selling these, but i just wanted to preface before there’s an issue… aka please don’t get mad at me!  i pack it sooooo nicely, i promise!


Please note:

* most of my items can be modified or duplicated, so if you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to go to the custom order page!


** shipping is calculated into the price via PayPal checkout for DOMESTIC customers located in the USA/canada only --- any other international shipping rates are at an additional cost after your jewelry order total, and will be invoiced based upon location at your discretion (i ship USPS from zip code 11361 in NY, feel free to utilize the USPS shipping calculator).

please do your shipping research before purchasing, but please feel free to contact me with any questions beforehand.

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