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the across the universe choker earrings

the across the universe choker


the connie choker earrings

the connie choker


chunky heart crystal dangles (clear/pink) earrings

chunky heart crystal dangles (clear/pink)


the elizabeth necklace earrings

the elizabeth necklace


the goddess choker earrings

the goddess choker


chloe (choker) earrings

chloe (choker)


the goddess (charm) earrings

the goddess (charm)


the clara choker earrings

the clara choker


the clara dangles earrings

the clara dangles


the kim necklace earrings

the kim necklace


the mini-crystal charm earrings

the mini-crystal charm


the mystical love chokers earrings

the mystical love chokers


the sophitia dangles earrings

the sophitia dangles


neon rock dangles earrings

neon rock dangles


peach quartz dangles earrings

peach quartz dangles


the clara charm earrings

the clara charm


the mini-crystal choker earrings

the mini-crystal choker


the neon rocks necklace earrings

the neon rocks necklace