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the fallon choker earrings

the fallon choker


the frosted emma dangles earrings

the frosted emma dangles


the liv choker earrings

the liv choker


painted pinboard // heart earrings

painted pinboard // heart


the gnarly dangles earrings

the gnarly dangles


the penrose choker (pastel watermelon) earrings

the penrose choker (pastel watermelon)


the penrose choker (kawaii AF) earrings

the penrose choker (kawaii AF)


the penrose charm (kawaii AF) earrings

the penrose charm (kawaii AF)


the frosted hannah dangles earrings

the frosted hannah dangles


the penrose charm (pastel watermelon) earrings

the penrose charm (pastel watermelon)


painted pinboard // pastel planet earrings

painted pinboard // pastel planet


painted pinboard // light pink + black splatter earrings

painted pinboard // light pink + black splatter