NYC based (QUEENS, baby!)
• playful, weird, rad, colourful, plastic, sometimes mature (but mostly immature), handmade raver/rocker jewelry

this brand is independently run and evolved from my former #JAEJESS collective that i shared for a few years, with a wonderful friend named jae (xoxo).  i started making earrings for myself and friends as a hobby, and instagram surprisingly monetized my efforts.  it was honestly crazy to me that anyone wanted to buy my stuff, but here we are, still going strong 11+ years later!

i humbly thank you for your ongoing support of this small shop! ♥


stationinspiration station!

creative design is an extension of yourself, so a little about me and what this brand radiates:

i’m an ex-raver that still hasn’t outgrown her metal or punk phase.  i’m very much stuck in the 80’s and 90’s, i love any music that is synth-driven and am way into 90’s hip-hop/R&B and graffiti.  i grew up in Queens, and hung out downtown in the village as a teenager in the 90’s, when it didn’t suck (before it was overrun by tourist/yuppie-driven corporate franchise crap shops/fast food).  i’ve always been into a billion different things over the years and i try to combine that into my designs – NO TRENDS, NO RULES! — UNRULED.

most of my designs are heavily inspired by: sanrio, kawaii culture, tomboys, NYC graff, horror movies, cartoons, sports (LET’S GO RANGERS/METS), lisa frank, fafi, pop-art, missbehave mag (RIP), goth style, susanne bartsch, around the way girls, fashion and accessories wonders like patricia field, betsey johnson, iris apfel, judy blame, marc jacobs, steven shein, tarina tarantino, jules kim (since the dollar bill ring days!), trips to trash & vaudeville over the years, musicians like kathleen hanna, cyndi lauper, daft punk, head automatica, chromeo, billy idol, early 80’s madonna, bowie, dale bozzio, inxs, le tigre, prince, wu-tang, blondie and no doubt/gwen, etc. – it’s basically all over the place, and i try to reflect that into all of my pieces, and make them totally rad.

“only one trip… might as well live it up.” – iris a. ♥


the majority of my pieces are very much colorful, and not for stuffy/bougie/snobby gals (although i do sneak in modern pieces as well, from time to time).

it’s also not a shop for anyone that is colorphobic or scoffs at the idea of wearing weird, or plastic jewelry.

if you have any other questions, check out the FAQ page, or feel free to contact me.

Other projects of mine (freelance webdesign/development) (free mobile wallpapers!) (weird/funny/complainy t-shirts)