although shopping is pretty straight-forward, sometimes we miss the small print.  on most category pages and product pages (in the product description area), i provide any extra info that’s needed to cover any bases.  please take the time to read product descriptions before ordering.  that being said, here are my most frequently asked questions and my shop’s policies!

most asked questions:

Q: i like a product, but would like to change the color/modify it.  is that possible?

A: yes! there’s a custom order page where you can request pieces (click here).  i’ll do my best to duplicate the piece(s) you’d like, but colors/hardware/earring sizes may vary depending on my craft suppliers.

Q: do you ship internationally?

A: yes! but i go through USPS, so if you want to try to figure out shipping charges before you order via their website (sometimes it’s VERY expensive for small/inexpensive orders), — my mailing zip code is 11361.  tracking number(s) will most definitely be provided.

Q: how long before i can expect my to receive my order?

A: it depends on the actual inventory/availability of what you ordered & supply inventory/availability as well.  i’ll let you know via email if there will be a delay because of either of those instances, but you can usually expect to receive your order within 1-2 weeks (domestic).

Q: is your jewelry hypo-allergenic?

A: to the best of my knowledge, yes.  i go out of my way to look for nickel-free findings/supplies.

Q: i have stretched ears, can i still wear your earrings?

A: pretty much!  i don’t know how big your lobes are, but anything below inch sizes should be fine…  the majority of my earrings are gauge-friendly.  i have 0 g. and 4 g. holes in my lobes, and i wear my own earrings quite often.  i usually wear my hoop earrings directly through tunnels, but you can buy omerica organic’s “earring plugs” with holes specifically made for [stud] earrings.  i’ve seen a few pictures here and there with people wearing hook earrings in them, but their website doesn’t specifically state that they’re compatible with hook earrings – so purchase at your own risk.  another option to consider (also a little cheaper) is purchasing kaos hider plugs, and making a hole in them.  i would suggest using the earring backs with the plastic back (the ones that look like a plate) so they stay as secure as possible, but all of my hook earrings will come with small rubber stoppers.

as far as hook/dangle earrings, i only wear them directly underneath my plug/tunnel.  that’s the only way they feel secure, since i don’t personally own either option above.


you can purchase charms from chokers separately, and save yourself some cash!

i have a bunch of chokers on the website, but instead of buying 3 chokers with the same cord colour, you can buy ONE and buy as many charms as you want! this probably makes no sense, because *HELLO* i’m supposed to be making as much money as possible, but i’d rather you be a returning/regular customer that gets a lot of bang for your buck, rather than to just rip you off…

you can find the charms in the charms section, or you can click the link from the category pages (under the product name, where it says “charm available here”) or in the product page itself, from the description area.

these mix and match charms are on rings large enough to take right off of any choker/chain…  not ALL chokers have the separate charms available, so please keep your eyes peeled for the links in the areas mentioned above.



PLEASE NOTE:  custom orders are paid for before i start crafting them, and it’s hard to resell them, so i choose to refuse them as returns.  since they require thorough communication and upon request, i can send you final product pictures before they’re shipped out.  this protects you as a buyer and myself as a vendor.  USPS can sometimes be unkind to packages en route, but i guarantee great quality craftsmanship and the best packaging possible.


cancellation: only acceptable within 24 hours of purchase, after 24 hours your order could potentially be ready for shipment, or in transit (i’m a fast shipper!!!).
refunds: allowed ONLY if you contact me within 7 days of purchase, and you ship it back within 14 days of purchase date. no exceptionsif your item is not returned in its original condition, you will be responsible for any loss of quality (broken hardware, charms, etc.).  all products are inspected thoroughly before packaging and sturdy shipment.


if you don’t like something about your purchase, or if your purchase breaks in transit (to my judgement: will require pictures), please email me within 7 days of purchase date, and you will ship it back within 14 days of purchase.  i’ll gladly give you store credit.

if you do not comply with the contacting me within 7 days, there will be no refund or exchange… no exceptions.

* buyers are responsible for shipping costs upon any returns.


although i do my best to ensure that my jewelry is built to last… it’s still handmade. please be careful when handling/storing items.  the bracelets and rings are meant to stretch, but they’re not meant to withstand tug of war type testing/stretching.  with that being said, i’d suggest keeping your stuff out of the hands of babies/toddlers!

if you have a question that you don’t see listed here, click here to go to the contact page so that you can email me directly. 🙂